Heavy rain, strong winds send trees crashing down in southwest Houston

HOUSTON – Storms overnight caused headaches for residents in southwest Houston. Residents on West Ridgecreek Drive heard Mother Nature leaving her mark early Saturday morning.

“I thought it was a train coming through the house,” said resident Preston Henry. “In two minutes, [my porch] was gone.”

The storm destroyed a his porch, wrecked his roof, and caused water damage inside his home. However, Henry couldn’t help but feel fortunate.

"God saved us and everybody's safe," Henry said.

Now, Henry is just dealing with the repairs. However, the neighborhood came together to help.

“We’ve been on this street since 1977,” said neighbor Arnetta Finley.

Neighbors are focused on moving forward.

“I’m waiting for [the cleanup crews] to clear out, so I can go to work,” said neighbor Charles Palmer.

Residents were shocked by the damage and happy no one was hurt.

“I was really blessed it missed my house,” said Finley.

“We got trees down here,” said Palmer. “On the other side of the neighborhood, it got pretty bad too.”