Texas is one of the most popular ‘dream home’ states, analysis says

HOUSTON – Ever dreamed of having the perfect home in Texas?

According to Great House Design, each state was analyzed by the number of Pinterest boards and pins referencing “dream homes,” and “house goals.”

Texas tied with Colorado with 38 boards on Pinterest, however, Colorado had 10,588 pins for dream homes, while Texas had 5,779.

Great House Design also used statistics from Zillow to compare states with average dream home prices. Colorado has the fifth highest average property price of any U.S. State with $423,000, while Texas has one of the lowest average price of $223,000.

The states of Nebraska, Louisiana and North Dakota have no relevant Pinterest boards.

These are the top 5 states with the most Pinterest pins and boards with dream homes:

1. Colorado

2. Texas

3. Utah

4. Florida

5. Tennessee

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