5 things to know in Houston for Friday, May 1

Is it safe to eat at a restaurant?
Is it safe to eat at a restaurant?

Here are things you need to know for Friday, May 1:

1. As some places begin to reopen, Houston strip club raided after reopening as ‘restaurant’

Club Onyx was raided after the club was open back up to customers Friday morning. Police said they are trying to figure out if the establishment is a restaurant or club, but the owner said he has the proper permits and was taking the recommended precautions.

At around 12:15 a.m., the Houston Police Department and the fire marshal reportedly made entry into the club. Witnesses said the music was shut off and the owner was visibly upset.

Houston police and the fire marshal said they were trying to figure out if the club has the correct permits to operate as a full-service restaurant.

While adult entertainment venues are not on the list of businesses allowed to reopen Friday, restaurants are, and so Club Onyx said it would reopen as a restaurant with “featured entertainers."

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2. LIST: Here are 42 restaurants reopening for dine-in Friday in Houston

Restaurants are preparing for the biggest opening day since dine-in was shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Abbott announced Monday that restaurants can reopen dine-in areas as long as health and safety protocols are met and keep a 25% capacity limit inside.

Many restaurants have announced that they will be opening their dining rooms with social distancing protocols in place.

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3. Here are the safety precautions 10 Houston-area restaurants are taking as they open up dine-in service on Friday

As Texas begins Phase 1 of reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurants and businesses are scrambling to figure out how to execute it.

Here’s a list of 10 restaurants opening this Friday outlining the safety precautions they are taking for dine-in customers.

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4. Texas Workforce Commission: Report employees who won’t return because they can earn more money from unemployment

As some businesses and restaurants prepare to open their doors to the public Friday, the Texas Workforce Commission is advising employers to report employees who say they won’t return to work because they can earn more money from unemployment benefits.

“You can’t force them to come back,” Velissa Chapa, legal counsel to the commissioner representing employers, said during a webinar Thursday. “But if an employee had already filed for unemployment, they may be denied benefits if they deny suitable work.”

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5. NYC emergency room doctor commits suicide after becoming distraught over coronavirus death toll, family says

An emergency room doctor who worked at an upper Manhattan hospital killed herself after becoming distraught over the coronavirus pandemic, her family said.

Just days before her death, the doctor described how painful it was to see her patients die and the devastating scenes of the toll the coronavirus took on patients to her father, New York Times reports.

“She tried to do her job, and it killed her,” her father Dr. Phillip Breen said. “She was truly in the trenches of the front line.”

Dr. Phillip Breen says his daughter had no history of mental illness, but that during their final conversation, she seemed detached.

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