Feeling thirsty? Here are 10 breweries where you can safely enjoy a pint

Grab a drink while social distancing

Beer is poured into a glass from a tap. (smirart, Getty Images)

HOUSTON – Whether you’re working from home or returned back to the office, we can all agree on one thing, “it’s five o’clock somewhere.” After a long day at work, what better way to unwind than with a nice cold pint of local craft beer.

With the recent announcement of Governor Abbott’s outlines of Phase 2, bars, craft breweries and wine tasting rooms can operate once again with at 25% capacity. This new lift is now allowing patrons a chance to sip on their favorite brews in their favorite taprooms.

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Although not all bars and breweries are open, we rounded 10 breweries in the Houston area where you can enjoy a cold pint while practicing safe distancing.

If you’re still debating about sitting in a taproom, don’t worry these places offer plenty of to-go options for those who prefer to drink safely at home.

Under the Radar Brewery

Address: 1506 Truxillo St, Houston, TX 77004

Website: undertheradarbrewery.com

Phone: (281) 974-1473

Safety Measures: The brewery has plenty of space for social distancing and has made a few changes for your safety and the safety of its staff.

Holler Brewing Co.

Address: 2206 Edwards St, Houston, TX 77007

Website: hollerbeer.com

Phone: (832) 781-0555

Safety Measures: The taproom is now open for outdoor seating only. It is also providing hand sanitizer stations, single-serving bottled water, and beer will be served in plastic cups. Contactless payments are available. The taproom also encourages guests to use facemasks inside of the building.

Sigma Brewing Company

Address: 3118 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, TX 77003

Website: sigmabrewingcompany.com

Phone: (346) 352-3190

Safety measures: The taproom is open only to order beer for consumption outdoors and to use the restrooms. If you want to go in, the company asks that you wear a mask. If you don’t bring a mask, it will have sanitary disposable masks at no charge. The taproom asks that everyone be cognizant of social distancing guidelines. It has added lines on the floor inside to help you stay aware of others’ space. It will remain extra vigilant in its sanitization protocols. All beer will be served in plastic cups. Hand sanitizer will be readily available. The beer will be good, cold, and refreshing, but iced water will be available in droves. Online orders can be picked up at the back garage door.

Walking Stick Brewing Co.

Address: 956 Judiway St, Houston, TX 77018

Website: walkingstickbrewing.com

Phone: (713) 300-1866

Safety Measures: The taproom has limited taproom seating, no inside bar service available and tables in both beer gardens should not exceed six individuals. It also has two stations, gloves, and sanitizer available for its customers.

Texas Leaguer Brewing Company

Address: 13503 Pike Rd, Missouri City, TX 77489

Website: txleaguer.com

Phone: (832) 895-9000

Safety Measures: The brewery is proving sanitizing stations for its guests. Staff members are wearing protective gloves when interacting with guests and making sure each table is sanitized between customers. All tables are six feet apart and only permitting six guests per table.

Spindletap Brewery

Address: 10622 Hirsch Rd, Houston, TX 77016

Website: spindletap.com

Phone: (713) 325-1477

Safety Measures: Access to the taproom will be at 25% capacity and six feet social distancing will be enforced. No crowding around the bar and tables, inside or outside. There is a limit of six people per table. Customers are not allowed to move any of the tables or chairs, inside or outside. Beer & Wine will be served in plastic cups. It will have sanitizing stations placed inside and outside. There will be posted signs and place markers while on-premise and credit card payments are preferred.

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co

Address: 2101 Summer St, Houston, TX 77007

Website: buffbrew.com

Phone: (713) 750-9795

Safety Measures: Guests are seated six feet apart, six guests or less per table and incorporated single-use disposable menus. The guidelines across the board require “regular” sanitization of common areas. It is also requiring its staff to sanitize common areas and hot zones on the hour with a signed checklist. All of its hospitality staff are wearing disposable gloves and changing gloves between every single customer interaction to ensure maximum safety.

Local Group Brewing

Address: 1504 Chapman St, Houston, TX 77009

Website: localgroupbrewing.com

Phone: (713) 429-1884

Safety Measures: The taproom is currently limited to its capacity. It has a sanitizing station in the patio and all tables are set up to be six feet apart. Doors are equipped with a foot handle to have touchless entry into the building. Staff members are required to wear gloves and masks at all times and have a sanitizing station to clean tables, door handles, tablets and hands at ease.

Vallensons Brewing Company

Address: 4081 Rice Drier Rd, Pearland, TX 77581

Website: vallensons.com

Phone: (281) 617-7537

Safety Measures: The taproom will reopen at 25% capacity. The taproom is small but its outdoor space is HUGE and is great for social distancing! Tables will be more than six feet apart with only six people allowed per table. Tables are not allowed to be moved during this time. In addition to the inside bar, it will have an outside bar. Due to the current restrictions, all outdoor games/balls have been removed and will not be permitted for now. Extreme sanitation will continue throughout the brewery.

4J Brewing Company

Address: 1348 Cedar Post Ln, Houston, TX 77055

Website: 4jbrewingcompany.com

Phone: (713) 678-0776