5 famous faces make a special appearance on Houston Life

Familiar faces surprise Courtney and Derrick with a Halloween message

HOUSTON – It was a special day on Houston Life. Derrick and Courtney got a few Halloween surprises from celebs all around the world.


The TV hosts got their first message all the way from Australia when wildlife experts, "Bindi and Robert Irwin" delivered a special holiday shout out. 

"We love animals, and we know you do too," said Bindi Irwin. "In fact we are big fans of your show, we watch it from down under." 


The Irwin siblings weren't the only fans, Cher also made a surprise visit, giving Derrick and Courtney a preview on her upcoming Houston show.

The biggest jaw-dropping moment was when "Britney Spears" and "Paris Hilton" made an appearance from Los Angeles, and released their latest Houston Life-inspired music video.

"It's all about Houston, your life, oh my word! It's totally Houston," said Spears.