5 things for Houstonians to know for Wednesday, August 12

Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris in an image posted on Biden's campaign site after Harris was announced as his running mate.
Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris in an image posted on Biden's campaign site after Harris was announced as his running mate. (Biden for President)

Here are things you need to know for Wednesday, August 12:

1. Texas passes 500K cases; infection rate soars to new high

Texas surpassed 500,000 confirmed coronavirus cases Tuesday as Republican Gov. Greg Abbott suggested family and neighborhood gatherings are behind a sharp rise in the rate of positive tests, which has climbed to record levels just as schools are beginning to reopen across the state.

He also continued to say more testing in Texas is likely after dropping off in recent weeks, a trend seen across the U.S. even as deaths mount. Texas has reported more than 1,400 new deaths over the past week, including 220 on Tuesday.

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2. Who is Sen. Kamala Harris? This is what you need to know about Joe Biden’s VP running mate

Sen. Kamala Harris, of California, has been named former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate.

Here’s what we know about the senator.

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3. Unemployed Houstonians, HEROES Act supporters demonstrate and distribute food outside Sen. Cornyn’s office

Houstonians who are out of work demonstrated outside U.S. Senator John Cornyn’s office Tuesday with the aim of getting him to support the HEROES Act, a proposal led by Democrats in Congress. The legislation would extend the CARES Act’s enhanced unemployment benefits provisions.

The provisions in the HEROES Act are the same — $600 weekly unemployment assistance. Since the CARES Act expired in July with final disbursements on July 25, the HEROES Act would extend that provision though January 2021 and longer for others, depending on their circumstances. 

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4. Pearland ISD teacher under fire for ‘white slaves’ post

The NAACP of Brazoria County has called on the Pearland Independent School District to give special needs teacher, Holly Hardwicke Kanipes, 57, diversity training before she gets back in the classroom.

Kanipes is under fire for a Facebook post, which has since been deleted, that said “White slaves were treated worse than any other race in the US. When was the last time you heard an Irishman (expletive) how the world owes them a living. You won’t.”

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5. Reports: Astros coach Alex Cintrón suspended for 20 games after brawl in Oakland

Multiple media outlets are reporting Tuesday that Houston Astros hitting coach Alex Cintrón has been slapped with a 20-game suspension after the brawl that happened during the game against Oakland over the weekend.

Cintron spoke out after his 20-game suspension

“I accept MLB’s suspension and will learn from this. Although I never referenced Ramon’s mother, my actions were inappropriate,” he said. 

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