A Tale of Two Cities: Houston vs. Los Angeles

HOUSTON – We take A Tale of Two Cities comparison at Houston and Los Angeles:

FANS -- Astros vs. Dodgers

Astros fans are loud, but civil. The stories of fan interactions at Dodger Stadium usually entail blood and fists.

BURGERS -- Whataburger vs. In-N-Out

Both are good in their own right, but in Texas, Whataburger reigns supreme. With the various selections on the menu, the orange restaurant brings a lot more to the table than In-N-Out's limited selections.

CELEBRITIES -- Beyonce et al vs. Tyra Banks et al

Banks has a talkshow. Beyonce runs the world with her girls. Enough said.

LIFESTYLE -- Southern Hospitality vs. West Coast Chill

This is where Houstonians start to envy L.A. While we do have Galveston, the beaches in Houston do not compare to those in Los Angeles. The laid-back lifestyle on the Left Coast seems like it would be amazing.

WEATHER -- Bayous vs. Mountains

Houston is known for being hot, but right now, this year, this World Series, Houston's weather is truly supreme to the 100+ degree heat Angelenos are dealing with.

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