Houston family surprises high school senior with the ultimate quarantine prom

PORTER, Texas – For Porter High School senior Denise Gomez, April 24 seemed like another volleyball night with the family. Little did Gomez know, this night was filled with lots of surprises.

After days of planning, preparation, painting signs and hiding materials in the trunk of a car, the Gomez family was ready to surprise the high school senior with a night she was never going to forget.

According to Denise’s mother Liz, the whole family and Denise’s boyfriend, a.k.a. the prom date, were in on the plan. While playing volleyball, Denise’s dad purposely hit the ball far away from the family, forcing Denise to run off to grab it.

When the senior went chasing the ball, the Gomez family quickly grabbed their homemade signs and surprised the senior with a prom proposal.

Denise Gomez surprised by family members (KPRC)

Caught off guard, the senior was brought to tears with the surprise. After saying “yes” to the family, she was asked to get ready for the evening as the family transformed the front yard into a glamorous quarantine-styled event.

Quarantine Prom 2020 (KPRC)

A red carpet was rolled out, sparkling streamers were hung, disco lights were turned on and a banner that read “Quarantine Prom 2020” was placed in front of the house.

Front yard decorated for Quarantine Prom 2020 d (KPRC)

As Gomez made her grand entrance down a red carpet, she broke down into tears and was stunned by the glamorous decorations. Wearing her custom homecoming mum that she hadn’t been able to use in the previous semester, the senior was escorted to her table. She was then presented with an award-winning slideshow of herself throughout the years.

After the presentation, the festivities began. Catering was provided by Chef Dad and featured gourmet street tacos.

Food cooking for Quarantine Prom 2020 (KPRC)

The Gomez family danced their night away to some classic dance hits such as “LA Macarena” and “Pasayo del Rodeo.”

Denise dancing with family members (KPRC)

Of course, no prom night is complete without the reigning of the King and Queen. Dad was chosen as the “King of Quarantine” and Denise was selected as the "Queen of Quarantine. "

Denise Gomez and Dad as Quarantine Prom royalty (KPRC)

Each royalty member was presented with an impromptu crown, a Hallowen-costume red cape and a custom toilet paper sash.

Denise Gomez crowned as Queen of Quarantine Prom 2020 (KPRC)

The night was filled with laughter, dancing and tears of joy. They ended the evening with a cake to celebrate Denise’s accomplishments and special one-of-kind night.

Denise with her family during Quarantine Prom 2020 (KPRC)
Denise Gomez senior at Porter High School (KPRC)

Us wishing we were invited to Denise’s Quarantine Prom