5 things for Houstonians to know for Tuesday, May 19

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Here are things you need to know for Tuesday, May 19:

1. Gov. Abbott outlines phase 2 plans for reopening daycares, bars, recreational businesses and sports

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Monday that bars, daycares and other Texas businesses can begin reopening in the second part of his phased reopening of the state after more than two months of coronavirus closures.

Abbot said the reality is that coronavirus still exists in Texas and if the reopening process is going to succeed, people have to find ways to coexist with the virus.

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2. Evictions in Texas can move forward again, so what rights do tenants have?

The COVID-19 pandemic cost millions of people their jobs, which means paying rent in the last two months became nearly impossible.

Housing advocates hoped Texas would change its mind, but last week the state supreme court ruled eviction proceedings can start moving forward again.