Ask Amy: Hack Amazon's returns game, get more from Yahoo settlement and info your doc doesn't need


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The Most Convenient & Rewarding Way to Return Amazon Packages

If you shop on Amazon, there's a good chance you've had to return something at least once. For any future returns you should know the easiest way to return Amazon products is to take them to Kohl's. Yes, I said Kohl's. Over the summer, all Kohl's stores began accepting Amazon returns. When you take your product there, you don't need a box or even a label. You have to start your return on Amazon. If you select Kohl's the drop off point, Amazon will send you a QR code that you can pull up on your phone. That is all you need when you take the item to Kohl's. Sure, some UPS Stores are also label-free, box-free Amazon return sites too; but they won't give you a 25% off coupon! Every person who returns an Amazon item at Kohl's gets a coupon to use in store that week. Keep this in mind for the holidays. For all of the details you need, you can read our full story here.

Yahoo could pay you $358 in data breach settlement

Yahoo's massive data breach spanning several years has resulted in a $117.5 million settlement; and you may be due part of that. If you had a Yahoo account between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2016, you can get two years of free credit monitoring services by AllClear ID or up to $358. To get the cash payment you have to verify you already have credit monitoring or protection services and say you will keep them by filing an "alternative compensation claim."

You can file a claim to get either by July 20, 2020. The link to file online is here.

Are you sharing too much information with your doctor?

We're not talking health information or symptoms. What  your doctors do not need is your social security number. Some forms may still ask for it, but privacy experts say you should just leave those spaces blank. 
Consumer Reports says our social security numbers are more sought after by thieves than our credit card numbers because of all of the ways criminals can use it to steal our identities. 

If your doctor's office calls you on it and asks you to fill in your social, ask them why they need it and explain your concerns. 

The major exception to this are Veterans Affairs hospitals. All patients getting treated at the VA must share their social security numbers with the hospital. 

Here are some other businesses that may request your social security number when they don't need it.
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