Longhorn football uniforms no longer burnt orange?

University of Texas tweeted out photos of the 2018 uniforms. (@TexasFootball/KPRC2)

AUSTIN, Texas – The burnt orange uniforms worn by Texas Longhorns football players have long been one of the most iconic in all of college football.

However, following the team’s annual photo shoot last Wednesday, photos were released of some of the players in the new uniforms which display two noticeable changes -- one of which has not gone over so well with UT fans.

One change is that the “Texas” font on the front of the jerseys appears to be larger, but that’s not why Texas alumni and fans are upset.

It’s the fact that the jerseys appear to be a brighter shade of orange apart from the classic burnt orange which so many UT fans and followers of the team are used to.

Here are some pictures and video from the photo shoot that show the new uniforms unveiled by Nike:

 Some fans took to Twitter to express their concerns as part of the #MakeBurntOrangeGreatAgain movement.


KVUE reported that according to a feature article in The Alcalde, the alumni magazine of the University of Texas, the official shade of the Texas Longhorns is Pantone 159 U.

This has not always been the case, according to the article.

The article says back in 1899 Texas football players wore uniforms with various combinations of gold, white, orange and maroon before a poll in 1900 made orange and white the official colors of the Longhorns. This was a bright orange and white, however, unlike the burnt orange and white the team wears today.

It wasn’t until 1925 when Texas adopted the darker “burnt orange” shade, according to the article.

The Texas Exes Instagram account (@texasexes) shared this post with directions to the article link July 6.

According to KVUE, there have been subtle changes to the Longhorns football uniform over the years but UT has maintained the traditional burnt orange look.

UT Athletic Director Chris Del Conte said in January that he “isn’t one to mess with tradition” after being asked about the team introducing alternate uniforms to its wardrobe, KVUE reported.


KVUE also reported that with regards to the color controversy, UT Director of Recruiting Bryan Carrington said the uniforms in the team photos posted to Twitter looked like a brighter shade of orange because of a filter.

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