Ditch the corkscrew! You’ll want to sip on this canned wine all summer long

Houston Life Wine Club Poured by H-E-B

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HOUSTON – Hi everyone! It’s Courtney again with my favorite topic: Wine Club Wednesday Poured by H‑E‑B.

I’m so excited about this edition of WCW because I’m a major fan of wine in a can. Seriously, there are some really great sips now available in a can. And if I just want a glass, I don’t have to open a whole bottle of wine. Plus, the canned wine section at HEB is hard to miss. They have a great selection, which goes to show you just how much canned wine sales have grown in the last few years.

Today’s selections will be great for any of your holiday festivities this weekend or honestly, any pool day!

Let’s start with Bollicini Sparkling canned wine. This is for all of my bubbles loving people! This is crisp, dry and refreshing. It’s sold by the four-pack which by the way, translates to one liter of wine (if you’re counting, that’s more than a bottle) and costs just $13.

These cans are so cute in pink and blue and a lot of people use them at gender reveal parties for their guests.

Now is the time to stock up during the H‑E‑B canned wine and cocktail sale! Now through July 20 you’ll save 10% off all canned wine and wine-based cocktails.

Happy sipping!

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