Boost your happiness with adult tap dance classes in Houston

“Dance is life. Dance is joy. Dance is love.”

HOUSTON – A local group is creating community through dance classes.

They’re called Tap Happy, and it’s the only business in town offering tap classes exclusively for adults 21+.

Some participants are there just to try something new; others are there to reconnect with an experience from their childhood. But no matter what brings you to class, tappers leave with a boost to their heart rate and their happiness.

“Most people do get their heart rate up and sweat,” said Sara Draper, owner of Tap Happy. “But it’s also really good for the brain because you’re learning new combinations.”

Draper started Tap Happy in 2008. She had been teaching dance her entire life, but had the most fun teaching tap to adults.

“I feel like there’s a certain kind of person who comes in to take a tap class on top of a workday or taking care of kids. I think it’s people who are really full of the joy of life... the love of life,” said Draper.

Classes are in the evening to accommodate work schedules, and there are several levels available to match your skill set.

Classes are on pause right now due to social distancing, but that’s not stopping the Tap Happy crew!

There are mini-tutorials being posted to their Facebook page, and there are virtual classes available as well.

You can find more information by watching the video above, or by visiting the Tap Happy website.

Happy tapping!

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