Cypress veterinarian debunks 6 myths about cats

It’s time to say goodbye to misconceptions and appreciate their ‘quirks’

CYPRESS, Texas – If you are planning to adopt a new pet but you haven't considered a cat because of common misconceptions, you might be missing out.

But Dr. Jennifer Hennessey, with Animal ER of Northwest Houston, shares her knowledge and debunks 6 feline myths to help us understand these fantastic and lovable creatures.

Hennessey believes these negative views about cats come mostly from non-cat owners.

“You really have to live with a cat to understand cats. They’re very much like people. I think the biggest myth of all is that they’re small dogs, which is the complete opposite,” said Hennessey, who addressed other common misconceptions about these beautiful animals.

Dr. Jennifer Hennessey kisses her cat (Dr. Jennifer Hennessey)

Myth 1: Cats are unsocial or snobby

Cats definitely have their personal space, but they also enjoy daily cuddles, hugs and attention.

“They definitely have their personal space. I always say they have a bubble and they’ll choose when you come to be in and out of that; very much like people. They have times where they really want that attention, they want to be social and be known that they’re around, and they have times they want to deal with things on their own. Just like you and I,” said Hennessey.

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