Drink lemon water? Here is how it is benefiting your health

HOUSTON – The majority of women are walking around dehydrated, but some experts say drinking lemon water can help combat that.


  • Help reduce sugar cravings
  • Reduce swelling and bloating
  • Potential to decrease risk of kidney stones and diabetic neuropathy
  • Relieve morning sickness
    • “There was a study that showed that drinking lemon water during pregnancy actually can decrease nausea and vomiting," dietitian Erin Gussler said “The study showed that consuming lemon water for four days actually decreased nausea and vomiting by 33%.”
    • To get these benefits you might need to drink lots of water with between half to two whole lemons a day. “Some of the studies were like an obscene amount of lemon. Like, like cups of lemon,” Gussler said.
  • Warm lemon water can help with constipation.


  • When using lemon essential oil, be careful not to get it too hot.
  • Dentists do not want you to drink that much lemon since the acidity can damage enamel. To lessen that potential damage, you can try drinking through a straw.