Is the 'Pop n' Play' cat toy worth your money?

HOUSTON – Just like us, our furry family members need exercise and stimulation to keep them healthy. However, finding just the right toy to get our pets moving can be tough. 

The "Pop n' Play" claims to provide a cat with "non-stop feline fun."

KPRC 2's Taniya Wright decided to test out the toy on her two cats, Milo and Milly. Here are the results.

What does it do?

The "Pop n' Play" runs on four C batteries. A purple feather pops in and out of six holes on the dome-shaped device to a chirping sound designed to stimulate your cat. It also comes with a gray mouse attachment you can use instead of the feather.

It costs $19.98 at Walmart. 


The cats seemed interested in the fast-moving feather or mouse.  


The motor in the "Pop n' Play" is loud. The sound alone may scare your animals, as it did Taniya's cats. If it doesn't scare them, it will likely annoy you.  


Eight paws down. Neither of Taniya's cats liked the "Pop n' Play."