$6 LED light claims to help brighten hard-to-reach places with ease

HOUSTON – Under cabinets, stairs and in closets: Some areas in your home need a little extra light; but you don't want to pay an electrician big bucks to install them.

The Underlight is a motion-activated LED light that cost us $6 at Fry’s Electronics.


“No plugs, no drilling. Now motion-activated designer lighting is within your reach.”

The commercial and package show the Underlight illuminating kickplates under cabinets, stairs and closets. 

What you get:

Each box comes with two 12-inch LED strip lights that can attach together to create one long light, a battery pack, a motion sensor that you can set to keep the lights on from one to five minutes, an elbow connector to attach the two lights at an angle and adhesive to mount the lights and the battery pack. 

What you need: 

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