Cleaning your windshield just got a lot easier, but is it worth the price?

HOUSTON – Strike a pose. Take a stretch. We're not talking about exercising, but the maneuvers you have to make to reach and clean the bottom of your car's windshield from the inside.

Consumer expert Amy Davis testing the Hurricane Windshield Wizard that claims to help reach and clean that space easily.

At 6 feet 2 inches tall, Robert Stewart is a pretty big guy. That makes it difficult to reach the tightest spots in his Volkswagen CC. He's eyed the Hurricane Windshield Wizard before, but he just couldn't pull the trigger at the current $14.99 price.

"Ergonomically, it seems like a brilliant design for people with shorter arms or larger people in smaller vehicles," he said. "I just wasn't there at $14.99."

Davis dropped the dough and took the product to Stewart to test.

How it Works:

An end cap on the handle of the Windshield Wizard unscrews so you can fill it with water. Then you can spritz your windshield before you flip the Wizard and wipe it off. The commercial claims no chemical cleaners are necessary. The microfiber cloth that fits on the Wizard's wand leaves the window clean and streak-free.

Stewart liked the way the product cleaned his window. 

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