Another day of scattered showers, storms for Houston

HOUSTON – Expect our current weather pattern to persist into Sunday, with scattered showers and storms developing especially during the warmest part of the day. 

Highs on Sunday will be near 86 degrees, slightly below seasonable levels thanks to better-than-normal chances for rain and increased cloud cover.  "Feels like" temperatures will be well over 90 degrees, though, because humidity levels will remain very high.

Rain chances will be lower Sunday morning, holding at 20%.  By afternoon, as temperatures go up, rain chances will increase to 50%.

Storms that do develop Sunday will produce pockets of heavy downpours and lots of lightning. Be very careful on the road if you get caught in one of these.  And, if your day includes some pool, lake or beach time, be sure to exit the water if lightning strikes near you.

As the sun goes down and temperatures moderate, look for showers and storms to fizzle.

Wetter-than-normal weather will persist through Wednesday. Beginning Thursday, high pressure will move into the area and begin to stabilize the atmosphere and dry us out.  Expect only a 20% chance of showers for the Fourth of July.

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