Harris County GOP calls for independent elections overseer for May elections

Harris County Republican Party Chair Cindy Siegel speaks at a press conference on March 9, 2022. (KPRC 2)

HOUSTON – The Harris County Republican Party held a news conference Wednesday to call for an independent elections overseer following the resignation of Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria.

Harris County Republican Party Chair Cindy Siegel was joined by Texas State Sen. Paul Bettencourt and Harris County Republican Party Legal Counsel Steve Mitby to discuss the latest updates surrounding Longoria’s resignation and the need for independent oversight of the May 7 and May 24 elections.

“We’re stuck with her for two more elections,” Siegel said.

She addressed Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis and Commissioner Adrian Garcia, saying they are trying to shift blame by trying to fault the Senate Bill 1.

Siegel Democrats have disenfranchised voters with broken voting machines, wrong size ballots, wrong ballots, and failing voters who expect their ballots to be recorded accurately and in a timely manner in Harris County. She said Hidalgo has failed voters by giving the Harris County Elections administrator’s position to someone with no experience.

Earlier this week, the GOP filed a lawsuit against Longoria as part of their demand for answers. A bipartisan lawsuit was also filed Monday against the Harris County Elections administrator.

On Tuesday, Longoria submitted her resignation during Commissioners Court. During a video conference, Longoria said she “didn’t meet her own standards,” as highlighted in Commissioner’s Court.

Her resignation is effective July 1, leaving the county’s election committee to find a replacement officer to oversee the 2022 Election.

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