Civil rights attorney Ben Crump demands release of video, firing of officer in fatal shooting of Joshua Feast

LA MARQUE, Texas – Civil rights attorney Ben Crump called for the firing of a La Marque police officer who has been involved in two fatal shootings.

Office Jose Santos was identified as the officer who shot and killed Joshua Feast during an encounter Dec. 9. Investigators said Feast got out of a vehicle and ran across the street into a driveway when Santos opened fire.

Police identified the officer as Jose Santos, who has served the department since October 2014. (KPRC)

Authorities said they are investigating the shooting and that all La Marque police officers wear body cameras.

Crump said he wants that video and any other video collected as part of the investigation made public, so people can see that Feast was shot in the back while running away from Santos.

“We deserve the truth,” Crump said. “We don’t deserve a cover-up.”

Crump also accused Santos of being involved in a 2013 case of police brutality while he was employed with a different police agency, saying Santos should’ve never been an officer in 2020. A spokesman for Galveston police said a person named Jose Santos worked for the department and resigned, but he could not confirm that this person was the same person involved in the fatal shooting of Feast.

Feast’s death was the second fatal shooting in which Santos has been involved. He shot and killed a man during a burglary in 2017. A grand jury declined to indicted Santos in that case.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump called for the firing of a La Marque police officer involved in a fatal shooting.

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