Teen accused of luring Lamar HS student to his death to be tried as adult

HOUSTON – A teenage girl accused of luring Lamar High School student DeLindsey Mack to his death in 2018, was certified to be tried as an adult by a judge Monday.

According to investigators, Mack left the school at lunchtime on Nov. 13, 2018, and walked to a nearby apartment complex with two female classmates. The teenage girl, who was 16 years old at the time, told Mack and the other girl that she had to leave, investigators said.

Investigators said Mack and the other girl were shot when two men drove up and opened fire. One of the masked gunmen got out of the vehicle, stood over Mack after he had fallen to the ground and fired several more times.

Mack was shot at least seven times, investigators said. The other girl was injured.

The judge reviewed surveillance video, text messages that prosecutors say the girl deleted, a recorded police interview with the girl, and testimony from multiple police officers, before making the decision to try the girl as an adult.

Along with the Lamar High Schol student and Johnson, Dave’on Thomas is also a suspect charged in connection with the case. Investigators have said they believe Mack’s death was part of a gang war.

KPRC 2 will not make the identity of the teenage girl charged in Mack’s death public unless she is charged as an adult.