Get to know Raider, the K-9 that helped find Pavol Vido hiding under a boat

CLEVELAND, Texas – Authorities are giving credit to a dog for finding a man who was being sought in connection with a pair of shootings -- one at a plumbing shop near Cleveland and the other in the parking lot of a veterinary clinic when he sparked an hourslong manhunt in Liberty County.

Authorities said Pavol Vido, 65, was responsible for the shootings.

Where was Vido found?

Raider found Vido hiding under a boat.

After he was found by the dog, Vido killed himself, according to authorities.

The search for Vido came to an end hours after it started.

Officials said K-9 Raider made the discovery. The 6-year-old bloodhound is based out of the Wynn Unit in Huntsville. He was deployed near the suspect's vehicle during that manhunt.

How long did it take for Raider to find Vido?

Not long after being deployed, authorities said Raider picked up a scent and led his handlers about 50 yards away to Vido, who was hiding under a boat.

A three-member team found Vido and pulled their weapons, authorities said. Investigators said Vido then shot and killed himself.

"Once we found the subject, you know, a little bit of relief came over us, you know, that it was over and no one else was hurt," Roger Boyd, a Major at the Wynn Unit, said.

"We train for this daily. This is all we do, we train for the situation. And we were prepared and did what we were trained to do," TDCJ K-9 Handler Joshua Smith said.

Raider is no stranger to making big finds

It isn't the first high-profile case Raider has been involved with.

In February there was an inmate who managed to escape a transport van when it stopped at a McDonald's in Conroe.

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In that case, Raider was deployed and it wasn't long before the suspect was caught hiding in a dumpster.

His handlers say Raider has certainly done a lot of good for the community.

"When he comes out of the box, he immediately goes to work. Some of the dogs you can't have fun with. Raider doesn't know anything other than work. I mean ... he's one-of-a-kind, very special dog," TDCJ K-9 Handler Jesse McKee said.

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