Baytown woman arrested in connection to 2 road-rage incidents

LA PORTE, Texas – A Baytown woman was arrested in connection to two road-rage incidents in La Porte, police said.

La Porte police said Amanda Downs, 25, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the case.

She appeared in court Tuesday and being held without bond.

Police said two instances of road rage involving a woman driving a red pickup were reported along Highway 225 – the first in July and the other on Aug. 2.

In the most recent incident, Ben McNeil and his son Jacob said they were on their way to work when a woman in a red pickup truck pointed what appeared to be a handgun at them. His son caught the incident on a cellphone.

"She was right on our bumper, she was going left and right and we started filming," Ben McNeil said. "She came around, she pointed the gun out the window and then break-checked us. So I dodged to the right to go around her and then she tried to pass us again."

"We weren't going to chase her down, once we had the video we just went to call the cops," Jacob McNeil said.

Investigators said they canvassed the area, located the vehicle and identified Downs as a suspect. They said Downs confessed to both incidents, and surrendered a large folding knife that had been cast in the shape of a handgun.

"The weapon turned out to be a folding knife that is designed and made to look exactly like a handgun," said Sgt. Bennie Boles of the La Porte Police Department. "So therefore, if she displayed what appeared to be what the victim thought was a handgun, thinking they were in danger of being killed or in serious danger, all of those things put together actually make it aggravated assault with a deadly weapon."

Downs is due back in court Jan. 3.