Spencer Solves It: Student gets 2 new pairs of glasses

HOUSTON – A 16-year-old student at C.E. King High School, Arturo Reyna studies hard with help from his parents.

He really has to because Reyna wants to become a doctor one day.

“It’s really important, school is to me, very important. I have to focus. I have to work hard if I am ever going to become a surgeon,” Reyna said.

But in order to study and do well, Reyna has to be able to see clearly and that means he has to have glasses.

The problem is, nine months ago Reyna’s father, Jose, a big-rig truck driver, crashed his semi-tractor trailer into a ditch and broke his neck.

Jose has been unable to work ever since.

To make matters even worse, with money already tight, Reyna needed new glasses.

So Jose shelled out more than $600 for brand new glasses for his son.

Just two months later, there was a major problem with those specs.

Jose said they started falling off his sons face.

“They would slip forward and fall off of my son over and over again, throughout the day,” Jose said.

But when Jose took the glasses back to the optometrist to get them replaced, he was told he was out of luck and would simply have to buy a new pair, because he didn’t buy insurance for the glasses.

That’s when Jose contacted Spencer Solves It.

And right away we set out to find Jose and his son the finest eye care available.

We found it with Dr. Ravi Kankaria of Vision Source on Aldine Mail Route.

Right away, Kankaria went to work checking every aspect of Reyna’s vision.

At the same time, we led Reyna through the Vision Source store to shop for his new frames.

Three weeks later, the glasses were in.

Not just one pair, but two pairs so Reyna will have a spare.

He got two pairs of designer frames, one Harley Davidson and the other Ralph Lauren.

As I presented the new glasses to Reyna, he was beaming -- and so was Kankaria.

“This is like a feel-good thing for us. It means so much to be able to help someone as hardworking as Arturo,” Kankaria says.

Now, Reyna has two beautiful pairs of high-end glasses, complete with impact resistant, sun-shading lenses.

The total value of this gift is $1,600.

“I appreciate your time and dedication, sir,” Jose said to KPRC's Bill Spencer.

“You did not have to do any of this, but I really appreciate your help,” Reyna said.

And we at Channel 2 News want to thank Kankaria for all of his care in helping Reyna, who can now pursue his dream of becoming a doctor and look good doing it.

If you would like to contact Spencer Solves It, you can call our tipline at 713-223-TIPS, or you can email us at solvesit@click2houston.com.

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