Houston jet provides best spot to view Monday's solar eclipse


HOUSTON – The eclipse of the century is just five days away and people are going the extra mile to make sure they see the solar eclipse in style.

One local company plans to chase the eclipse and have a planned picnic on the wing.

The owner of Million Air at Hobby Airport plans to take off early next Monday.

"Our real target point is going to be in Missouri, Kentucky belt because that's where the eclipse is lasting the longest," owner Roger Woosley said.

Woolsey is also a pilot.  He will fly the jet more than 500 miles an hour to catch the eclipse from Nebraska to Carolina.

However, he said the airports along the prime path are filling up quickly.

"Many airports are saying we can't take any more aircraft, Woosley said. “The airport's full.  There's no way we can take reservations. It's just absolutely incredible."

The Million Air flight also provides champagne, cheese and caviar dreams.

"We can set it up when we get there and it will keep the sun in the field of view the entire time," Woosley said.

The jet will have a special telescope that allows passengers to see the gases around the sun.  Chris Hysinger, owner of Land Sea and Sky Plans said he’s all packed up for the flight.

"Some of the stars will come out and the most magnificent thing is that you'll be able to see the corona of the sun became visible. The most outer layers of the sun's atmosphere," Hysinger said.

The cost per seat is $10,000 and one jet is already chartered.

"As extravagant as it sounds, if you really want to see it, I don't think it's that bad. We're going to leave Monday morning and come back Monday night. It's going to be fantastic," Hysinger said.

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