Committee denies special helmets for upcoming Sweeny High School football season

Maker of Guardian Cap says his company's tests prove product does reduce impacts of hits to head


SWEENY, Texas – Football is king in Texas, and as high school teams gear up for another season, so does the debate about preventing concussions.

Last season, the Sweeny High School football team began using different helmets during practice.

"It's brand new, only been around a year and if there is something we can put on our kids to keep them safe and give us that extra layer of protection then we want to do it," said Brett Sawyer, head coach of Sweeny's football team.

The helmets are made by a company called Guardian Cap. They have a special fabric on the outside and foam on the inside. The idea is to help absorb the energy from a hit and reduce the chances of a concussion.

"All it's designed to do is, you know the force between the two helmets is going to be the same. But you're increasing the time that force is exerted on the brain, if you want me to get scientific," Sawyer said.

However, now the organization that tests the safety of athletic equipment says the Guardian Cap and other helmets like it were never put through the testing process required to meet helmet standards, and anything added to the inside or outside of a helmet voids its certification.

The maker of Guardian Cap said his company's tests prove the product does reduce the impacts of hits to the head.

However, based on the statement from the committee on standards for athletic equipment, Sweeny High School's athletic director said the team will not use them this season.