Netflix’s Queer Eye Star and Houstonian Karamo talks pet health and activism

Shares how his healthy dod helped his mental health during racial divide in the country

HOUSTON – Karamo may be known for his tenure as Queer Eye’s Culture Expert, or for his passionate activism. But, one of his most cherished private-life roles is the job of Dog Dad. Karamo and his pup Logan are starting 2021 off on the right paw.

Karamo is an Emmy-nominated television host and culture expert on Netflix’s three-time Emmy-winning series Queer Eye, a best-selling author and owner of the beauty company MANTL. Lauded for his ease and natural comfort in relating to different types of people, Karamo is tasked with fixing the hearts and minds of the heroes of the show; by helping them to confront and grow beyond internal and external issues.

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