5 ways to create a unique at-home date night in Houston

Spice up your date night, even while social distancing

Romantic, backyard movie night (2020)

HOUSTON – Is your date night feeling a little dull since social distancing?

That’s what we thought.

So we asked viewers to share their creative at-home date night ideas to get us all in the mood... to spend time with our significant others.

1. Create an at-home bar crawl

Paula Huffman Jacobson wrote in: “A friend and her hubby went on a pub crawl at home. Each room they used for their crawl was a different theme, with a cocktail and special snack to go with it! Of course one room was Mexican with margaritas and guacamole!”

Tiffany Billups Cruz said she’d actually tried it: “Wine/beer crawl in the house. Each room is a different one.”

2. Living room beach party

Liz Latta Livingston shared on our Facebook page: “I plan to put out a little beach picnic on the living room floor, complete with beach towels, yummy finger foods, piña coladas, and a beach/ocean scene I found on YouTube! I guess I could go a step further and light a beach scented candle! 😂

With an idea like this, who even needs to go on a vacation?!

(Me. I need a vacation.)

Moving on...

3. Driveway drive-in movie

Lorrie Zimmer comments: “My daughter and her husband had movie date night in their SUV. Opened up the back and had sushi, drinks, candles and watched a movie on their iPad.”

Reminds us of a scene out of Grease. We might also recommend grabbing a poodle skirt and and a leather jacket to really sell it.

Also, it’s 2020, people. No means no.

4. Special delivery

Brenda Wilson suggests having a sweet treat delivered right to your door: “Rollie’s Frozen Custard in Pearland has a truck that when invited comes to neighborhoods with scoops, sundaes, waffle cones & old school floats. Since customers have decreased going into the shop, they come to you.”

Plus, have you heard of this ADULT ice cream truck delivering frozen cocktails? Yes, it’s true and yes, it’s amazing.

5. Dress up to dine in

Rebecca Costello Champ knows how to bring the funny: “We put on silly outfits and ordered from Chimichurri’s in Kingwood! It was awesome!”

Viewer shares a date night photo on the Houston Life Facebook page. (KPRC 2020)

So until we get back to “business” as usual...

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