Buckle up, Houston: Here are 13 CRAZY foods you can find at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Flaming Hot Cheetos Cheese Turkeyleg (KPRC)

HOUSTON – Most athletes spend their whole year training and preparing for a championship. For foodies and rodeo vendors, they spend months crafting, creating and preparing for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

On Thursday, HLSR hosted its 12th annual Gold Buckle Foodie Awards. Vendors from all food genres presented their best and most unique bites to a panel of media judges. From fried sweets to Flaming Hot Cheeto crusted entrees, each food was grouped into eight separate categories.

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The categories included: Best Food-on-a-Stick, Best New Flavor, Best Value, Most Creative, Best Fried Food, Best Classic Fair Food, Best Specialty Food, and Best Dessert.

After ten rounds of sampling, there were 13 unique foods we found. Fair warning, you might get a food coma after reading this.

Ged Fried: Doughnut Chicken Sandwich

Fried Chicken Doughnut Sandwich (KPRC)

The Tot Spot & Mac Shack: Cowboy Mac

Cowboy Mac (KPRC)

Flaming Hot Cheetos Pickle Nachos

Flaming Hot Cheeto Pickle Nachos (KPRC)

Fried A Fair: Candy Bar Twinkie Taco

Candy Bar Twinkie Taco (KPRC)

Texas Pride Grill: Pork Rind Supreme Nachos

Pork rinds supreme nachos (KPRC)

The Original Minneapple Pie: Deep-Fried Cookie Dough Sundae

Deep Fried Cookie Dough Sundae (KPRC)

Swain’s Pizza on a Stick: Pastor Pizza

Pastor Pizza (KPRC)

El Patio Restaurant: Fried Tres Leches

Fried Tres Leches (KPRC)

Biggy’s BBQ: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Cheese Turkey Leg

Flaming Hot Cheetos Cheese Turkey leg (KPRC)

Sweet Cheeks: Fried Poptart

Fried Pop tart (KPRC)

Fried What!: Bacon-Wrapped Cinnamon Roll

Bacon Wrapped Cinnamon Roll (KPRC)

Biggy’s BBQ: Big Daddy Cheetos cheese corn dog

Flaming Hot Cheeto Corn Dog (KPRC)

Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ: Big Sticks (pork or chicken)

Big Sticks, pork & chicken (KPRC)

Me after trying my 10th sample