5 secret gems you can only find in Fort Bend County

HOUSTON – If you haven’t had a chance to visit the outskirts of Houston, you’re missing out. One place you definitely need to add to your weekend plans is Fort Bend County. From Katy to Missouri City, Sugar Land, Stafford – there are a lot of unique cities to explore.

We recently partnered with Sara Ahmed from Sugar Land Sara, and compiled a list of secret and fun gems you can only find in Fort Bend County.

Baps Shri Mandir

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (KPRC)

The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha is a denomination of the Swaminarayan branch of Hinduism. It consists of an 11,500-square-foot, 73-foot tall open-air temple. The mandir is the largest of its kind in Texas and was constructed according to guidelines outlined in ancient Hindu scriptures. The grounds spread over 22 acres and in addition to the mandir, include a haveli and the Understanding Hinduism exhibition. The haveli is a cultural center in which weekly congregations are held. The Understanding Hinduism exhibition provides visitors with a foundation of the key tenets of Hinduism. The mandir is open daily for worship and to visitors.

Brazos Bend State Park

Brazos Bend State Park (KPRC)

This is a 4,897-acre state park along the Brazos River in Needville, Texas, run by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The park is a haven for a diverse mix of native wildlife and plants covering an equally diverse range of ecosystems. Brazos Bend contains areas of coastal prairie, bottomland forest, and a wide range of wetlands including open and semi-open lakes and transitional marshlands.

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