Houston-based company offers at-home coronavirus test kits

The company has partnered with the Houston Health Department to offer 250 free tests

HOUSTON – A Houston-based healthcare company is now offering at-home testing for coronavirus.

The company, imaware, typically sells home test kits for cardiovascular health, diabetes and auto-immune diseases.

But with the advent of the coronavirus, the company added COVID-19 testing to its portfolio.

“When we saw this pandemic coming. We decided that we wanted to be able to help, so we actually pulled together our physician partners and our healthcare partners, and we wanted to put together a kind of an FDA-CDC compliant approach, which was to send health care professionals to homes of high-risk individuals, elderly and people who couldn’t leave and go get tested,” said imaware co-founder Jani Tuomi.

The Houston Health Department is now partnering with imaware to provide up to 250 free in-home test kits for people who believe they have been exposed, are symptomatic, at high risk for contracting coronavirus and are homebound.

If you would like to self-pay for imaware’s in-home COVID-19 testing or have insurance, the cost is $135. Visit www.imaware.health for more information.

If you would like to see if you qualify for imaware’s free in-home COVID-19 testing, contact the Houston Health Department to be screened, 832-393-4220.


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