Massage guns gaining popularity for helping muscles recover

HOUSTON – From pro athletes to weekend warriors, massage guns are gaining popularity for their ability to help muscles recover faster.

Percussive therapy is said to reduce pain, fatigue and lactic acid buildup but don’t expect any relief in the price tag. High-end models can run well above $500. But is spending that much money necessary to get good results?

Chris Gallina, physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning coach with UT Orthopedics, said the pricier models are quieter and come with more variation, but you don’t need to break the bank to get the relief you’re looking for.

“Someone might be looking for that really soft vibration, just like a little bit of relief at the end of the day. Then you order a $50 model that sounds like a jackhammer or a power drill with a massage tool on top of it,” Gallina said. “On the opposite end, you might go to the gym and have sore quads the next day, and you have something that’s barely pulsing and not giving you the relief. Obviously, everything is returnable, but I would recommend checking out the $100 to $200 range, reading the reviews, and making sure it’s got everything you’re looking for. Those aren’t going to be as polished, they’re not going to be as quiet, but they’re still going to get the job done.”

CNET has released its list of best massage guns list for 2021 Best Massage Gun for 2021 - CNET and if you’re looking for a budget friendly version, they’ve got a list for that, too.