Possible burglary suspect crashes vehicle, dies in Cypress

Harris County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a fatal crash Sunday morning in Cypress. The incident occurred at 6:20 a.m. when officials responded to a possible burglary at a private storage unit near Fry and Morton roads.

Investigators said the suspect was spotted by a security guard, who called the storage unit’s owner. When the owner arrived, he started to follow the suspect for their license plate information.

The suspect attempted to get away and drove on the wrong side of Greenhouse Road. Investigators said that is when the driver collided with another driver.

According to investigators, the victim is recovering, but refused to be taken to the hospital and was picked up by a relative. While the suspect was ejected from a silver pickup and died on the scene.

“We have investigators right now working on the scene to piece together everything, try to take measurements, take photos and make sure we got the complete story of what happened here,” said Gilbert Guien of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Vehicular Crimes Division.

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