HPD Sgt. released from hospital after monthslong battle with COVID-19

HOUSTON – After 80 days of battling COVID-19 in the hospital and rehab, Houston Police Sergeant Arturo “Hito” Bazan was finally released. His family and friends shared an emotional moment as he left the facility.

“To the doctors, to the nurses, to the respiratory therapists, everybody played a part,” he said.

His wife Sheryle Bazan said she was overjoyed that he was finally coming home.

“There were a few times that we thought that he might not come home,” she said.

Arturo’s fight against coronavirus hasn’t been easy. For 55 days, he was on a ventilator and required intense therapy to rebuild his strength.

Along the way, Arturo had lots of prayers and support.

“It was just crazy to see how sick he got, but we’re just grateful that he got better," said his son Adam Bazan.

”We’re just blessed that we can see him, you know, come home," said his son Jack Bazan.

One nurse said Arturo’s recovery is a sign of hope for all.

“We really hold onto those cases that do so well and do beat covid because that’s what gives us hope,” said nurse Megan Cromwell.

Arturo recieved a fitting escort home by several police officers that came to show their support.

Once he finally made it, there was also a hero’s welcome waiting at home.

“I wouldn’t be here without y’all prayers and y’all support. Thank y’all very, very much,” said Arturo.

“We see all over the country there are many people that weren’t given a second chance. Our hearts go out to them and we pray for them because he’s one of the lucky ones,” said Sheryle.

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