This is how Houstonians are reacting to the Nutcracker Market going virtual

‘That’s it. I officially hate 2020’

"That’s it. I officially hate 2020,″ some say regarding the announcement that the annual Nutcracker Market will be held virtually this holiday season.

Event organizers announced Wednesday that the move to go virtual is due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, say it is “the best decision for the health and safety of everyone involved.”

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While some regular attendees reacted with disappointment, others were more understanding of the decision.

Here’s how more Houstonians reacted to the announcement:

“Awesome! Great, safe way to still support the small businesses. Will miss the overall vibe of the market, but will look forward to when it returns in person.”

“Better virtual than not at all..they may actually sell more..some folks don’t like going in person.”

“Not the same. Do both-let those that want to come participate and the others shop online.”

“No thanks -- it’s the experience that I pay for. I’ll see ya next year.”

“Whyyyy?!?! Walmart is open, HEB is open, Kroger is open, Malls are open. Stupid, stupid, stupid...”

“The mimosa carts, the people watching, the crowds, the drunken purchases from the mimosa carts, the yummy food smells oh I’m so sad!”

“NOOOO!!!!! Guess we will have pitchers of mimosas and shop online together this year.”

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