5 things for Houstonians to know for Wednesday, August 5

Texas widow blames Pres. Trump, Gov. Abbott in obit after husband dies of COVID-19
Texas widow blames Pres. Trump, Gov. Abbott in obit after husband dies of COVID-19

Here are things you need to know for Wednesday, August 5:

1. State reports almost 9,200 new coronavirus cases, 245 deaths

Texas health officials reported almost 9,200 confirmed new coronavius cases Tuesday as a convention center in the hard-hit Rio Grande Valley opened as a makeshift hospital for COVID-19 patients.

The Department of State Health Services on Tuesday reported 245 confirmed new deaths from the virus that has taken a particularly grim toll along the Texas border. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said the McAllen Convention Center will be able to treat as many 250 patients to ease the strain on local hospitals.

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2. ‘Too many are selfish’: US nears 5 million virus cases

Fourth of July gatherings, graduation parties, no-mask weddings, crowded bars — there are reasons the U.S. has racked up more than 155,000 coronavirus deaths, by far the most of any country, and is fast approaching an off-the-charts 5 million confirmed infections, easily the highest in the world.

Many Americans have resisted wearing masks and social distancing, calling such precautions an overreaction or an infringement on their liberty. Public health experts say the problem has been compounded by confusing and inconsistent guidance from politicians and a patchwork quilt of approaches to containing the scourge by county, state and federal governments.

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3. Houston Methodist reports rapid recovery of critically ill COVID-19 patients with new drug

Houston Methodist Hospital is making national headlines after doctors used a new drug to help treat critically ill COVID-19 patients.

Methodist was the first to report the rapid recovery of patients on ventilators and those with severe medical conditions after three days of treatment. The drug is called RLF-100 and is also known as aviptadil. It has been approved by the FDA for emergency use at multiple clinical sites in patients who are too ill to enter the FDA’s Phase 2/3 trials.

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4. ‘Shame on all of you’: Texas widow blames Pres. Trump, Gov. Abbott in obit after husband dies of COVID-19

A Texas widow, whose husband died from coronavirus last month, penned a scathing obituary in which she blamed President Donald Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott. She also blamed people who refused to wear masks.

Stacey Nagy of Jefferson, Texas posted the obituary for her husband 79-year-old husband David on Facebook after she had it printed in their hometown newspaper. In it, she said her husband had died “a horrible death from COVID-19″ on July 22.

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5. Houston entrepreneur spent $1.6M in COVID-19 relief funds on Lamborghini, strip clubs: prosecutors

A 29-year-old Houston man is accused of making fraudulent applications for coronavirus relief aid and then spending the money on luxury items, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Lee Price III was arrested and is charged with making false statements to a financial institution, wire fraud, bank fraud and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions.

Prosecutors said Price was involved in a scheme to submit fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan applications to federally insured banks and other lenders.

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