Woman wants to know who buried mysterious grave on her property in Crosby

Woman says grave was not there when she bought the property

CROSBY – Miriam Soza and her 4-year-old son Sergio Jr. scanned the ground all around the un-marked grave that they mysteriously discovered on their property last November.

“It looked like a grave, but it also looked like uncovered dirt, like a pile of dirt, fresh mud dirt,” Miriam said.

There are several bizarre things about this mystery grave.

Number one, it lies right on the edge of Miriam’s property in Crosby, inches away from a real graveyard, and two, there are no markings of any kind.

Even more eerily, Miriam said one day she found flowers on the makeshift grave, and after that, two poles appeared at the site with a glass bottle and iridescent lights inside.

KPRC2 Investigates contacted the executive director of the Barrett Station Evergreen Cemetery next door who said, “that grave is definitely not on the cemetery’s property. How it got there, we don’t know. We have no record of it.”

As for Miriam, she just wants whoever dug this grave and put someone here to step forward and take it away.

”I want the family, the relatives, the kinfolks of whoever might be there to come forward,” Miriam said.

If you have any idea who is buried in that grave and who has been visiting the site, please contact Bill Spencer at bspencer@kprc.com.

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