Text 2: Doctor answers 10 of your KPRC2 texting line coronavirus questions

Dr. Daniels
Dr. Daniels (PVAMU)

HOUSTONDr. Dennis Daniels, director of Prairie View A&M University Undergraduate Medical Academy, answers KPRC viewer questions about coronavirus.

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1. If a warehouse business had two positive cases of the virus disclosed on Saturday, how long should they shutdown, before allowing employees back. This warehouse has over 100 employees.

The contacts of the confirmed cases should contact the local/state public health officials along with their physician to share information regarding the nature of their exposure along with any signs and symptoms. The sharing of information will result in directions for a physician visit and testing. The public health officials will provide guidance to the warehouse administration.

2. Since screenings are now being done in the area for anyone- even without symptoms, does that mean that all the healthcare providers & first responders have been tested?

No, it does not mean that all healthcare providers and first responders have been tested. In a CDC report released Tuesday, more than 9,000 healthcare workers across the United States have contracted COVID-19 as of last week. Reporting of healthcare provider data is uneven across the United States.

3. How long does coronavirus live on fabrics, like people’s clothes? Thank you.

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