TIMELINE: The Texas Killing Fields murders

The four victims of Calder Road.

LEAGUE CITY, Texas – At least four women have been identified in the Texas Killing Fields cases.

Authorities on Monday revealed the identities of two women whose bodies were found decades ago as part of the investigation.


League City police said DNA helped investigators identify Jane Doe, whose body was found in an oil field at the end of Calder Road in 1986 as Audrey Lee Cook, who would have been about 32 years old at the time of her death.

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Police said the same type of analysis helped investigators identify Janet Doe, whose body was found in the same area as Cook's about five years later, as Donna Prudhomme, who would have been about 34 years old at the time of her death.

Heidi Fye and Laura Miller were the other two victims previously identified.

"Killing Fields" refers to an area along the Interstate 45 corridor from Huntsville to Galveston, where the bodies of nearly 30 women or girls have been found since 1971.

A total of four bodies were found in the Calder Road oil fields in League City. Cook and Prudhomme are the only victims that have yet to be identified in the Calder Road cases.

Investigators said that they have been working to develop background information about Cook and Prudhomme, and will use that information to hopefully locate the person responsible for their deaths.

Anyone with information about either Cook or Prudhomme is asked to call the LCPD Cold Case line at 281-338-8220.

Check out a timeline of the Killing Fields cases below: