4 Alvin ISD students accused of making threats against schools


ALVIN, Texas – Four Alvin ISD students were removed from campus and now face legal and school consequences after authorities said they made threatening statements Wednesday.

A Manvel High School student and an Alvin High School student each were removed from campus after making the threats, authorities said.

Two Rodeo Palms Junior High students were removed from campus after making inappropriate statements on social media, authorities said.

Here is the release from the district:

"Alvin ISD makes the commitment to keep parents informed of matters of safety and security regarding their child’s campus. Today, we again ask for your partnership in speaking with your children about the consequences of making inappropriate or concerning statements in the school environment. It is critical that our students understand that, regardless of their intent, these matters will not be responded to lightly.

"School Districts around the Houston area, and those nationally, are continuing to respond to inappropriate student statements. Much like parents and the broader community, students are concerned, and in many ways inundated with social media, news reports and conversations with their peers following the terrible tragedy in Florida. Students respond to their concerns in various ways and our team is working to provide support and assistance to those experiencing anxiety. In other instances, students may respond impulsively by making inappropriate comments, often to their friends and classmates.

"As shared in previous messages, Alvin ISD will respond swiftly and exhaustively any time we receive information of a concerning nature. The District is deeply committed to the safety of our students and campuses. For that reason, our response to these matters will also involve a response from law enforcement. 
Over the course of the day, Alvin ISD along with the Alvin ISD Police Department have investigated reports of inappropriate or concerning statements from students at three separate campuses. A student at both Alvin High School and Manvel High School made a threatening statement to their classmates. The Alvin ISD Police Department responded swiftly in both instances. The students have been removed from their respective campuses and are now facing significant school and legal consequences. The Alvin ISD Police Department also investigated a social media post and an inappropriate statement made by two Rodeo Palms Jr. High students, the students were removed from the campus and also face school and legal consequences.

"Again, this phenomenon is not isolated to our District and although one incident is too many, we are confident that these matters are apparent because of the thorough response of Alvin ISD staff and the Alvin ISD Police Department.

"We share these details not to heighten your level of concern. We hope that you identify that these matters will be addressed quickly and appropriately. Alvin ISD will remain firm in our commitment to safety and security. We also remain committed to keeping you informed of matters occurring at your child’s campus. We continue to ask that you share any information that you believe to be concerning with campus or district administration or by contacting the Alvin ISD Police Department."