Junior high school student badly beaten during PE class

CONROE, Texas – A Conroe Independent School District student is recovering at home after a bloody beating that landed him in the hospital.

His classmate has been taken into custody by Conroe ISD Police for aggravated assault.

Matthew Tidwell, 13, said he had been playing with a pool noodle in gym class at Peet Junior High School Monday when he struck one of his classmates.

"Not a hard hit. It was just like a joke hit and he got all mad. He started beating me up," the seventh-grader said.

The school called Matthew's father, saying he had been the victim in a bad fight.

"It was so bad, he couldn't open his eyes. When we got to the hospital, you could see a shoe print on the side of his face. He had a slight concussion. He was bloody and braced up," Allen Tidwell said.

The father says he is frustrated because the school won't tell him anything about the student behind the attack or whether he will be disciplined.

"I don't think the kid should be allowed back this school year," Tidwell said.

The family wants to press charges against the student and filed a complaint with Conroe ISD police.

When we asked the district for a comment, they said they were unaware of this incident.

Conroe ISD released the following statement on the incident:

"On Monday, two juvenile students at Peet Junior High were involved in an incident during PE. The coach responded immediately to the situation. Campus administration was notified and medical attention was sought for one of the students. Conroe ISD Police took one of the students into custody for aggravated assault. The matter is being addressed in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct."

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