The Affordable New Option for Power Outages

And the Man Who Invented It

HOUSTON – You know how it goes in Houston. It is sunny and warm one minute and cold and icy the next. Then, the lights go out. Well, what about all that food in the refrigerator or even worse, a life saving medical device that can’t run? What can you do to prepare your family or your home for a power outage?

Houston Life’s Melanie Camp met up with inventor Billy Bronco to learn more about his affordable new product you might want to consider for your home.

Bronco Billy is the founder and CEO of Bronco power boost. “My background is electrician. And what I did was I came up with the idea of putting the generator inside the home instead of outside,” he told Houston Life.

Billy Bronco is the electrician who invented the Bronco Power Boost (Copyright 2022 by KPRC Click 2 Houston - All Rights Reserved)

The Bronco power boost is an automatic battery generator that can be installed indoors. It is so revolutionary, it caught the eyes of the folks at Shark Tank. There is no fumes or deadly carbon monoxide emissions, and it is super quiet.

“One of the biggest things that we found is everybody talks about the deaths from carbon monoxide. And every time you hear of a big outage somewhere, whether it be Houston few years ago or New Orleans, what you hear about after the storm is how many families have been disrupted by losing family members because of carbon monoxide. So you know, right off the bat, there’s no issue with that because there’s no motor. That’s why there’s no noise and no carbon monoxide,” explained Billy.

Billy Bronco's invention caught the attention of Shark Tank. Billy Bronco pictured left with Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington in the middle and Billy's wife Rey Black Whitaker on the right (Copyright 2022 by KPRC Click 2 Houston - All Rights Reserved)

Walking us through an installation, Bronco Billy explained why the Bronco Power Boost is so revolutionary.

“The neighborhood we’re putting this Bronco in is a perfect example...this is garden home community and they don’t have any room to put your traditional gas generators,” he said. The Bronco comes pre-wired and UL approved, what this means Underwriter Laboratories (UL), one of the oldest safety certification companies has approved the Bronco Power Boost based on industry-wide standards.

The Bronco Power Boost is a great option for high rise homes and apartments. “We can go into any condo, any apartment. It doesn’t matter as long as we can get to the panel,” said Billy. One battery system is going to last somewhere between 16 and 20 hours, “And then what we do is we do all the essentials in the home and everything is automatic. So the homeowner doesn’t have to touch a thing. The outage comes in, it kicks on within half a second,” explained Billy.

Homeowners can have their Bronco Power Boost customized to make sure you have power in the rooms you need it. Whether it be a home office you need to keep running because you work from home or a bedroom for a loved one on a life saving medical device.

The Bronco is an affordable option when it comes to boosting power in your home.

“My goal always has been to build something that will do your essentials, make it affordable, so someday everybody has a Bronco in their home,” said Billy.

For more info you can visit or give them a call on 713-248-1611.

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