Sweet success: Sugar Land 4th grader earns Entrepreneur of the Year for fruitful lemonade stand

SUGAR LAND, Texas – You’ve heard the saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade. One local 4th grader is doing just that and then some. Sabrina Roesler is the CEO and Founder of Fresh ‘N Juicy, a lemonade stand out of Sugar Land that’s earned her the title of 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year.

“We serve four flavors of lemonade: Muddy Buddy, Strawberry, Raspberry and Original with light blue agave,” said Roesler.

Roesler first got into the business through a local organization called Lemonade Day Houston, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering successful youth.

“It helped me learn a lot of things. I learned all the financials and the savings that I needed to earn from my business,” said Roesler.

Participants are partnered with mentors who help teach them business basics, like revenue versus expenses and gross income versus net income. When starting out, Roesler hoped to earn enough money to purchase a bicycle as well as a trip to Paris.

“I earned enough money to get my bike. I didn’t even need to buy it. I won it by earning the prize 2020 Youth Entrepreneur of the Year,” said Roelser.

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