Mom-versations: KPRC 2 moms on parenting styles

Do you hover over your children or let them roam free?

HOUSTON – When it comes to parenting, what’s your style?

Our “Mom-versations” series continues as KPRC 2′s Courtney Zavala, Amy Davis, Sofia Ojeda and Britta Merwin weigh in on this popular topic.

The moms all agree that they parent each kid differently.

“I could look at Connor, and he’s done. AJ is a totally different scenario, he don’t care how I look at him he’s like what are you gonna do to me? Yeah, I’ll fight you lady.” - Courtney Zavala

“I’m telling my 5-year-old you can’t do that okay, then I said you don’t get your tablet tomorrow, and then my 9-year-old says, but mom you actually have to follow through, and not give him his tablet tomorrow.” - Amy Davis

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