Houston teen battling rare disease creates a mission to help others like him

Fighting to find cure for lymphatic malformation

HOUSTON – Zachery Berger is a Texas Youth Ambassador for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network and with the help of his family, they have started Z.A.C. which stands for Zac’s Attack for a Cure

Their mission is to raise awareness, educate and raise money for research so other kids will have an easier path than I and so many others have had. Zac struggles from a disease called lymphatic malformation which is a relatively uncommon vascular malformation that can occur anywhere on the body. It is most commonly on the head and neck. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system that protects the body from infection. He’s been through countless amounts of painful surgeries and has used that to help drive his mission so that answers can start to be answered.

There’s several ways that you can help Zac and his mission! He has an event Saturday, October 3rd called “Eat for a Cure” located at Kitchen 1488 and another Saturday, October 10th at the Tacos in Low Places food truck. To get more information, visit his website by clicking here.

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