Meet the Magnolia pastry chef behind Courtney’s spectacular birthday cake

She’s a TOTAL cake boss, y’all!

HOUSTON – With a distinctive design style, Butter Baby Bakery is starting to get known in the Greater-Houston area for their delicious and Insta-worthy cakes and desserts, including Courtney Zavala’s birthday cake!

Karen DeGuzman is the talent behind these creations, and she shared the process of making this eye-catching treat for this special occasion.

Courtney Zavala's birthday cake by Butter Baby Bakery (Butter Baby Bakery)

“I had a lot of fun making it. I just wanted to make the gold pop. It took me about an hour to make from start to finish,” said DeGuzman, chef and owner of Butter Baby Bakery, who specializes in designer cakes, cupcakes and blondies.

“It’s a vanilla cake. It’s a really nice, fluffy, moist cake, and the filling is a white chocolate batter ganache. It has some sprinkles. It has some texture and color in it, so when you slice it you can see that rainbow color. Also, on the cake itself, everything is edible, from the chocolate balls that you see there, to the gold sails, the waffle cones, everything is edible,” said DeGuzman, who takes familiar flavors but turns it up a notch by using different texture components.

Cake by Karen DeGuzman (Butter Baby Bakery)

DeGuzman started her own business last year, after working for three years as the head cake decorator at Common Bond, a position where she created an entire cake program.

Pastry chef Karen DeGuzman (Karen DeGuzman)

She now runs Butter Baby Bakery out of her home in Magnolia with the help of her husband Jonathan.

DeGuzman is not only an incredible pastry chef, she’s also a savvy entrepreneur who found a way to keep her bakery afloat after COVID-19 restrictions starting to affect businesses.

“We started selling cake by the slice in a box in March, and it blew up from there and I really wasn’t expecting that kind of response and I didn’t realize it was the thing that my business needed and it’s been pretty amazing since then,” said DeGuzman, who now offers Texas-Size blondie boxes and cake slice lux boxes that you can pre-order monthly.

To see DeGuzman’s complete interview, watch the video above.

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And check out how Courtney’s cake came to life in the video below.

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