Meet the Houston college student spreading joy with his candied pecans business

Don't wait until the holidays to go nuts for pecans!

HOUSTON – For some college students, being back home during the pandemic meant having more time to relax, exercise or watch some TV.

But for a young Houstonian studying in Washington, DC, this time was an opportunity to turn a family recipe into a way to spread joy and hope.

Miles Aceves-Lewis at Georgetown University (Miles Aceved-Lewis)

“When I first came home, it was very tough adjusting to being back home for a long period of time and while I had classes online, I did have a lot more free time on my hands without any extracurricular or time with friends. So, with all that time I decided that I would make a Texas delicacy, candied pecans and that I would send one to my friends who were spread out all over the United States to be like a care package to show that I cared and that I was thinking of them. They absolutely loved it and above all they said that it brought them hope. That’s kind of when I thought I could do something out of this,” said Miles Aceves-Lewis, a 20-year-old Government, Justice and Peace student in Georgetown University, who launched “Pecans of Hope”, a small business dedicated to this amazing nut.

Pecans from "Pecans of Hope" (Pecans of Hope)

“Being a native Texan, pecans permeate my life in many ways, especially during the holidays. whether they’re candied, praline, pecan pie. Pecans have always been a staple in my household,” said Aceves-Lewis, who runs this project from his parent’s kitchen in Houston.

Miles Aceves-Lewis of Pecans of Hope Houston (Miles Aceves-Lewis)

“We offer delicious cinnamon sugar candied pecans and people love them, they’re amazing. They’re great for salads, pies and all sort of desserts, so we expect them to be a big hit in the fall and winter,” said Aceves-Lewis, who’s in charge of all aspects of this operation, including cooking and packaging.

Pecans of Hope Houston (Miles Aceves-Lewis)

“Our slogan is ‘born out of quarantine and guaranteed to make things better', and that’s exactly want we plan on doing. Also, we plan to donate a large portion of our profits, so, not only are we bringing hope to you, we’re bringing it to others,‘” said Aceves-Lewis, who will stay in the Houston-area this year since college is going virtual this semester.

To see Aceves-Lewis’s complete interview, watch the video above.

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