Ever heard of pizza cone? Here’s where you can find it in the Houston area

Pizza Cones from Conny & Connor located in Katy, TX (Social Hive Digital Marketing)

HOUSTON – When it comes to pizza, there are a few ways you can chow down your slice - you can use a fork and knife, fold it in half like a taco, eat it backwards beginning with the crust or simply eat it like a regular slice of pizza.

What if I told you there was a new way of consuming this cheesy, gooey, Italian cuisine, like a cone? It sounds a bit out of the ordinary, but at one Katy restaurant, its pizza is only served in cones.

Originated in Greece, the pizza cone crust concept has been making its move around the world and was brought to Florida at Conny & Connor.

Houstonian Angel Garcia discovered Conny & Connor and knew it had to be introduced in Texas.

“I flew out to Florida, tasted the product and after my first cone, I said, ‘Let’s go,’” stated Garcia. On August 2, 2019, Conny & Connor made its way to Texas and opened its doors in Katy.

Just like any pizza parlor, you’ll find some of your favorites toppings including, pepperoni, Napolitano, cheese, supreme, meatballs, meat lovers, Margherita, chicken, Hawaiian and vegetarian, all inside of a cone.

Ingredients are made in house, and customers can stuff their savory cones to their liking.

The pizza cone owner describes this concoction as deliciousness.

“The difference with it being in a cone shape, all of the ingredients and juices stay in the cone until the last bite,” said Garcia.

Of course, no pizza is ever complete without some wings. At Conny & Connor, they offer wings a la carte or can be combined in a combo with fries depending on how hungry you are.

Aside from satisfying Houstonians with a delicious meal, Conny & Connor is all about giving back to the community. It focuses on children’s education locally and around the world.

Conny & Connor serves pizza cones, wings, salads, fries, drinks and more. The restaurant hopes to expand its menu in the near future.

You can visit them at 5751 Greenhouse Road, in Katy, TX. For more information, give them a call at (832) 888-0976.