3 creative projects under $50 to help you pass the time

HOUSTON – Done cleaning? Cooking? Binge-watching shows? Listening to podcasts? Tired of going on walks? Taken 1 too many naps?

I get it! You’ve probably tried just about everything to keep yourself and the kids entertained during the quarantine.

So, we’ve put a list together of fun activities that will make the hours fly by!

If you’re ready to get crafty, check out these family-friendly projects:


Neon Tie Dye Kit
Neon Tie Dye Kit (Neon Tie Dye Kit)
  • $9.99, Target
  • This is an easy project that will not create a huge mess. All the dying can take place inside the keeper crate depending on the technique you choose to use. It’s made for ages 8+ and includes 4 color dyes, rubber bands, gloves, a t-shirt and all of the instructions.


Venus Puzzle
Venus Puzzle (Venus Puzzle)
  • $34.99 + taxes and shipping for the 500 piece puzzle
  • Derrick and Brandon ordered this customized puzzle and arrived in a week! It will keep you and the kids busy for hours and could even make a great Mother’s Day gift.


DIY Cookie Decorating Kit
DIY Cookie Decorating Kit (DIY Cookie Decorating Kit)
  • $25 for 8 cookies and 4 icing colors
  • Owner, Morgan, graduated from Texas A&M with an applied mathematics degree, but soon realized she was in need of a creative outlet. She found herself watching cookie decorating videos on Instagram and decided to give it a try herself. She bought a starter kit and soon enough began perfecting her recipes. After 2 years of hard work she’s gone full-time.
  • Morgan offers cookie classes, accepts custom orders and is even creating ‘ear savers’ with her 3D printer to donate to nurses and doctors.
  • Derrick and Brandon worked on the ‘Fiesta Kit’ and Courtney and her boys worked on the ‘Mother’s Day Kit'.

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